This website presents research findings from an ARC Linkage Project ‘Social Networks, Belonging and Active Citizenship Among Migrant Youth in Melbourne and Brisbane’, conducted between 2009-2013 (LP0989182).

This research used quantitative methods in the form of questionnaires, and qualitative/mixed methods in the form of semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions with young people (15-23 years old) from African, Arabic-speaking and Pacific Island backgrounds.

A total of 587[1] young people participated in this Project, of them 484 people took part in the survey component and an additional 103 people participated in the focus groups and interviews in Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia. 


[1] Ethnic and cultural diversity of participants and the purposive nature of the sampling procedures dictate some caution in the interpretation of results even though the overall findings allow us to clearly discern some varying dynamics within and across groups.